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Lotus-blossom pool
max. water depth: 135 cm - water temperature: 32-33,5 °C

In the lotus-blossom pool maximum rest and relaxation is ensured by bubble loungers and chairs, which are turned on at varying intervals. They relax the musculoskeletal system, thereby allowing the whole body to unwind and relieving the mind of the stress of daily life.

Temperature: 80 °C - Humidity: 30% - recommended duration: 15 min.

Recommended duration: 8–15 minutes
The indoor Finnish sauna is a classic Aufguss sauna. It comprises benches for sitting or lying on at various levels, enabling guests to choose between temperatures of 55°C to 75°C, depending on where they sit.

Our tip: Wednesday is ladies’ day!
On Mondays the indoor Finnish sauna is exclusively reserved for our female guests’ relaxation.

Aromatic steam bath
Temperature: 40 °C - Humidity: 60% - recommended duration: 15 Min.

A selection of aromas, including, among other things, Asian medicinal herbs, enhances the relaxing effect of the aromatic steam bath. The warm, humid climate gently cleanses the skin and airways. It stimulates the circulation, releases tension in the muscles, reduces stress and relieves pain in the joints and limbs.

Temperature: 45 °C - Humidity: 20% - recommended duration: 25 Min.

The tepidarium, also known as the “five elements sauna”, follows the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine and is particularly gentle on the cardiovascular system in its effects. The perfect start to your relaxation day!

Herbal sauna
Temperature: 55 °C - Humiditiy: 40% - recommended duration: 15 Min

The herbal sauna is the gentlest form of sauna. After around 15 minutes the body warms up enough to begin expelling toxins through intensive sweating. The addition of fresh herbs, known from Asian medicinal traditions, pleasantly intensifies the effectiveness. This type of sauna is particularly recommended for those who find standard saunas too strenuous. Relax in the humid, warm air and let the medicinal herbs go to work on your body.

Infrared cabins
Temperature: 45 °C - Humidity: 20% - recommended duration: 40 Min.

Infrared radiation causes heavy sweating even at low temperatures. The pleasant, easily tolerable climate gets the metabolism going and reduces the load on the cardiovascular system.

Relaxation pool
max. water depth: 135 cm - water temperature: 32-34 °C

The relaxation pool with its pleasant temperature and bubble loungers enables guests to the sauna area to relax and soak up the Asian-style atmosphere. With the golden gong as the centre piece of this rest area, the unique architecture lends it a particular flair and invites you to linger a while.

Kneipp pool
max. water depth: 30 cm - water temperature: cold 18 °C / warm 33-34 °C

An additional way to stimulate circulation is the Kneipp pool. The change from warm to cold water stimulates circulation and metabolism and promotes blood circulation. Furthermore, it can be very helpful for venous problems.

Plunge pool
max. water depth: 135 cm - water temperature: 13 °C

Inside the sauna world there is a plunge pool. Experienced guests cool off after the sauna session in the plunge pool to optimize the effect of the sauna visit.

Foot baths
max. water depth: 25 cm - water temperature: 40 °C

After the sauna the body is first cooled underneath a shower, in the open air or with a refreshing jump into the cooling pool. Through the cold the blood vessels and pores of the skin constringe. A warm foot bath after the cold shock facilitates the fast return of warmth from the body’s core.

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