Dear Guests,

Our spa is currently operating with a few restrictions due to regulations prescribed by the Austrian government.

Before your visit, please check the occupancy rate on the following page:

At present, there is only a limited number of people that are allowed to enter the premises of the spa. In order to reserve a spot, you are welcome to purchase your ticket in our online shop before your visit. Of course, if preferred, you may also buy your ticket at the reception.

Please also be informed that the steam bath and the climbing wall in Wasserwelt are currently not open to guests. Apart from these small restrictions, you are welcome to enjoy all our other facilities. You willl find more details regarding restrictions and Covid-19 safety measures on the following page. Unfortunately, this information is currently only available in German.

Please also maintain social distancing and do not forget to wash and disinfect your hands regularly. Let’s show consideration for one another and nothing will get in the way of having a wonderful time in Asia Spa Leoben. We are looking forward to welcome you as our guests!

Best regards, Your Asia Spa Leoben Team

Last updated on 30/06/2020

Opening Hours

Indoor Pool Area &

9:00am – 9:00pm

Late Night Sauna from October to April:
every Friday until 11:00pm

Outdoor Pool Area:

(21 May – 13 September 2020)

9:00am – 7:00pm

Do you have any questions?

Just contact us by telephone +43 3842 24500 or by e-mail


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Welcome to Asia Spa Leoben

In Leoben, the heart of Styria, you will experience a fusion of both, far-eastern and European architecture, and lifestyle. The combination of leisure and wellness makes this spa truly special.

The Indoor and Outdoor Pool Area (Wasserwelt and Aubad) provide families and sports enthusiasts everything their hearts desire. In Wasserwelt (Indoor Pool Area), you will find a large pool area, a water slide tower, an adventure playground and more. You can be assured that you will be entertained regardless of the weather conditions.

Guests seeking relaxation will enjoy the tranquillity of the Sauna Area (Saunawelt). They will also experience one of the most creative sauna programmes and sauna infusions in Austria.

Spa or Thermal Spa

Why is Asia Spa Leoben a spa and not a thermal spa?

In contrast to a thermal spa, the water in the pools of Asia Spa Leoben is not of thermal origin but is taken from the springs of Hochschwab mountain massif. According to the Styrian Therapeutic Products and Health Resort Act, the term thermal spa is protected and may only be used if mineralised water has an outlet temperature of at least 20 degrees Celsius.

The Element of Water

The spring water in the pools of Asia Spa Leoben is taken from Hochschwab mountain massif, where it has a temperature of 6-10 °C. Thus, the water is too cool to be called a thermal spring and is heated up to 34 °C with the help of district heating. The biggest difference between Asia Spa Leoben and a thermal spa is, therefore, the original outlet temperature of the water.