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The Leoben Experience

Asia Spa Leoben is located right at the heart of the city of Leoben, the second largest city in Styria. As you wander through the Upper Styrian metropolis, you will encounter a range of secular and religious buildings which bear witness to a history stretching back over almost a thousand years. The history of mining holds a special position in Leoben – one need only think of the internationally renowned Montanuniversität, University of Leoben. As the gateway to the Styrian Iron Road (Eisenstraße), Leoben is an ideal starting point to take a tour through the exciting history of iron and ore. An overview of the history of the town, the region and mining are presented in Leoben’s ultra-modern MuseumsCenter. During the last decade Leoben has become an essential place to visit for those who enjoy ethnological exhibitions. Working in close collaboration with Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum, it has been possible to put on exclusive exhibitions with extraordinary exhibits in Leoben year after year.

For cyclists Leoben is a popular stop-off on the Mur Cycling Path. Located directly on a bend of the river Mur, the Asia Spa Leoben and the neighbouring Falkensteiner Hotel are ideal places to stop. Yet another good reason to stop off in Leoben is the world-famous Gösser Brewery Museum.

Foto: © Freisinger