The correct way to take a sauna

Enjoy a sauna

Take your time for a relaxing sauna visit and plan at least two hours. One sauna visit per week is recommended so that the positive effects of taking a sauna can really unfold.

A relaxed person is a healthy person (Chinese proverb)

The small 1x1 of sauna

Tips to enhance your sauna experience at a glance

They need at least three hours time, but only a few bathing utensils:

  • two sauna towels
  • two towels
  • flip-flops
  • Soap & Shampoo
  • a bathrobe to cuddle up to
  • body lotion

Strictly speaking, healthy sauna bathing consists of four phases:

  • Showers
  • heat phase
  • cooling
  • resting period

Do not go to the sauna hungry or with a full stomach. Before entering the sauna area, please take off your bathing suit or pants and dress with a sauna towel or bathrobe. So that you can enjoy the sauna bath undisturbed, you should first go to the toilet. Then clean with soap in the shower.

Dry off well, because dry skin sweats faster.
A warm footbath in front of the sauna also promotes sweating.
In the sauna, place your towel under your whole body. The stay should be short, but the effect intensive. Therefore, sweat on the middle or upper bench – but not longer than 15 minutes. Rely calmly on your feeling.
Lying down, you will feel the warmth pleasantly even. However, you should sit for the last two minutes so that your circulation gets used to the upright posture and the blood does not suddenly spill into your legs.

Then cool down for about 10 to 15 minutes. You should take a few minutes out in the fresh air – your body now needs oxygen.
The following refreshment with ice or water should always take place from the feet in the direction of the heart. If you don’t suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease, the plunge pool is the ideal refreshment after a shower.
After the cooling down, a warm footbath causes a feeling of warmth right up to your head.
Repeated cold water applications train your blood vessels and increase the resistance of your body.

After the sweating you should allow your body to rest and relax. In the resting phase, the relaxation effect of the sauna is effective. Treat yourself to at least as much time as you have spent in the heat. A sauna bath also prepares you well for a massage. Please behave in such a way that other guests do not feel disturbed during your rest period.
You will carry out another sauna session just like the first one. More than three sauna sessions do not increase the health value of the sauna bath.

Since the body loses a lot of fluid during a sauna session, we recommend that you drink enough before each sauna session. Our sauna fitness bar offers you a wide selection. This also supports the purification process.
Please do not shower with soap or shower gel after the last sauna session because the skin is absolutely clean. Otherwise the skin only dries out further, the acid mantle gets out of balance. It makes sense to pamper the skin afterwards with an oily cream.
If you feel unwell or suffer from cardiovascular diseases, you should consult a doctor before going to the sauna. Our staff are always available to answer your questions and make suggestions.

We recommend the following times of stay for the individual sweat baths:

Saunas Recommended duration Temperature
Finnish sauna: 8-15 minutes 70-95 °C
Aromatic steam bath: 8-15 minutes 50-55 °C
Infrared cabins: 20-40 minutes 40-45 °C
Tepidarium: 15-25 minutes 40-45 °C
Aromatic steam bath: 10-15 minutes 40 °C

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay at Asia Spa Leoben.