Discounts & monthly tickets

Our offers for you

Training in the water is healthy – due to the buoyancy of strict movements in the water the joints are less affected, but exercises are at the same time much more effective than outside the pelvis. Water refreshes and trains our whole body.

The entrance ticket for active sports guests (active ticket): It allows you to train for a maximum of 90 minutes in the pool area from Monday to Friday. Just right for regular swimming exercises or aqua fitness in the spring water-filled pools of the pool.

Pre-paid smartcard

The electronic cash value card is a permanent medium in cheque card format or as a transponder wristband. Depending on the amount of money charged, you will receive different discounts on the regular admission prices to the bath and sauna areas.

Save up to 20 % on the regular entrance fee with our electronic money card!

For questions

Should you have any questions about the pre-paid smartcards, we will be happy to advise you in person at the reception, over the telephone on +43 3842 24500, or via e-mail.

Credit 100€



Credit 200€



Credit 500€



The benefits to you at a glance

  • transferable
  • rechargeable
  • unlimited validity
  • can be blocked if lost
  • cashless payment throughout the whole of the Asia Spa Leoben
  • direct access with no need to queue at the ticket desks

How it works

You buy a pre-paid smartcard with a value of €100.00, and each time you use it you receive a discount of 10 % on the regular entry price, until the pre-paid value has been exhausted.

Discounts do not apply to the following:
Special rates such as the lawn tariff, treatments in the wellness and beauty area or food or drink purchased in our restaurants and bars.

Asia Spa Leoben Monthly Ticket

Our recommendation for all regulars and those who want to become one.

Secure your very own personal monthly ticket (for 1/3 or 6 months) and you will be faster at the Asia Spa Leoben – for convenient access without any waiting time at the reception.

Regular during our opening hours!

Aubad monthly and season ticket

Valid from 30.05. – 09.09.2019, opened from 09:00 a.m – 7:00 p.m

Rate Adults Children
Monthly ticket Wasserwelt 71,00 € 39,00 €
Monthly ticket Saunawelt Sunday to Thursday 104,00 €
Monthly ticket Saunawelt Monday to Sunday 152,00 €
3 Monthly ticket Wasserwelt 203,00 € 111,00 €
3 Monthly ticket Saunawelt Sunday to Thursday 297,00 €
3 Monthly ticket Saunawelt Monday to Sunday 434,00 €
6 Monthly ticket Wasserwelt 387,00 € 212,00 €
6 Monthly ticket Saunawelt Sunday to Thursday 567,00 €
6 Monthly ticket Saunawelt Monday to Sunday 829,00 €
  • Purchase possible daily with corresponding term from purchase date for 1/3 or 6 months
  • No further discounts (e.g. cash value card)
  • Multiple accesses per day possible