Child safety

Child safety campaign at Asia Spa Leoben

Dear parents, we take your safety in the Asia Spa Leoben, the water and sauna world, as well as the Aubad very seriously – therefore we provide with special care for a qualified bath supervision!

Nevertheless, we would like to point out that YOU as parents or as responsible accompanying person for your child(s) and accompanying child(s) have a duty of supervision!

Children always need a suitable supervisor at the water! They cannot yet assess their actions correctly, take risks and act spontaneously. Parents are challenged at the water every second and are also 100 percent responsible according to the law – even in the swimming pool, where there are supervisors!

I'm an angel and I carry wings!

Dear parents, the safety of your angels is very important to us.

Therefore we ask you: Always put on swim wings for your angels, who cannot swim independently, as soon as you enter the bathroom!
We also recommend that you leave the angel wings on during rest and meal times.

For hygienic reasons, please always put aqua nappies on your children.
Floating wings and aqua diapers are available in our shop in the entrance area of the Asia Spa Leoben.