Aufguss programme

The crowning glory of every sauna visit

(German for infusion, Finnish löyly, a ritual involving creating steam by pouring liquid onto hot stones and circulating the air in the sauna)

At the Asia Spa Leoben numerous different, elaborately staged Aufguss sessions are offered every day. Our experienced sauna masters are constantly thinking up new ideas, pampering their guests with beneficial salt peelings, beer Aufguss sessions, singing bowl meditations and much more.

The programme includes relaxing, energising, exotic or classic Aufguss sessions, which, thanks to their positive effects on the immune system, circulation and respiratory tract, contribute to the overall well-being of our guests. The themes range from “Caution, hot!” for regular sauna-goers, via “Gentle skin-care” to “Entertainment”, making your visit to the sauna fun.

Our program at a glance

Caution hot

This is the real deal. Our sauna masters will heat you up with plenty of water on the sauna stove. In addition, it usually smells of woody aromas.

Gentle skin care

Body peels or creams are applied to the pre-warmed skin and gently distributed all over the body. The heat makes the skin care more effective. The skin becomes pleasantly soft and smells soft.


At these infusions our sauna masters attach great importance to peace and quiet. The aromas used have a calming effect. Just right for a gentle start to the day and the evening end.

Fragrance journey

During a fragrance journey, three different fragrances are infused around a theme in a single infusion. The intensity increases continuously from the first to the third fragrance.


The classic among the infusions. The sauna masters carefully select the fragrances according to the time of year and the day to bring out the full effect of the essential oils in the water.


Aufguss programme

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