Excellent wellness pleasure at Asia Spa Leoben

We have received awards by our guests, testers and expert juries. As a wellness and leisure facility, both the feedback from our guests, and evaluations from experts are extremely valuable. We are proud of the received awards, which assure and motivate us to continue our path to give our very best.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks!

Exemplary Integration in the Workplace at Asia Spa Leoben

At the Styrian Integration Prize awards ceremony on 21st October 2014, the Asia Spa Leoben was awarded a certificate of honour for exemplary integration in the workplace. The certificate, awarded by the JobAllianz Steiermark for in-house commitment in the field of “integration in the workplace of people with disabilities and young people at risk of being marginalised” is awarded to companies which have made a significant contribution to the employment of people with special needs.
In the Bruck-Mürzzuschlag and Leoben administrative districts a total of 48 companies were nominated for the prize. In the end twelve companies were honoured, all of which not only had good integration figures, but, above all, stood out because of their positive attitude to the topic of integration in the workplace.
Oliver Oswald, the Operations Manager of the Asia Spas Leoben, explains, “We value the collaboration with the BBRZ (Labour Training and Rehabilitation Centre) within the JobAllianz, in particular because of the constructive mediation and practice-based training. By building on this we have been able to appoint highly motivated staff and trainees to our company.” Nicole Schedlbauer, Deputy Operations Manager and the liaison between the Asia Spa Leoben and the BBRZ adds, “Based on our very positive experiences so far, we are very happy to continue working with the BBRZ and look forward to welcoming new applicants from the service.”

One of the Best Public Baths in Europe

In 2014 the Asia Spa Leoben won the European Health & Spa Award for the category “Public Bath” and was crowned the best public baths in Europe. The coveted award was conferred on 25th June 2015 at the Hansen Kempinski Palace in Vienna. At the awards ceremony, Mag. (FH) Oliver Oswald, Operations Manager of the Asia Spa Leoben, accepted the prize in person and explained, “We are delighted to receive this award, which is unique in this sector, and see it as an affirmation that we should continue upon our chosen path with regard to our wide range of facilities and quality assurance.”
The European Health & Spa Award is awarded annually by the Agency for Health & Wellness. The Agency strives to comprehensively assess and award distinctions to the best spas and health facilities, in order to establish a platform for the top performers, thereby setting standards for the sector as a whole. The award celebrates those public baths which, on the one hand, create an innovative brand and apply the highest quality standards and, on the other, offer a holistic wellness and health concept which caters for all the senses. The entries are judged by the awarding of points in eight categories: design & technology, health, range & service, benefits, profitability, sustainability, creativity and corporate social responsibility. An anonymous test is then carried out, which is accorded a great significance in the evaluation process, since it provides a comprehensive overview and serves to validate the documents which have been submitted.

In its role as a public baths, the Asia Spa Leoben meets the needs of a broad target group. In the pool area both families with children and sports enthusiasts will find everything their hearts could desire. What is more, the extensive outdoor area and attractive adventure playground are available during the summer months. Guests from the local area and far beyond seeking relaxation can enjoy the peace of the sauna area with one of the most creative programmes of ritual Aufguss sessions (German for infusion, Finnish löyly, a ritual involving creating steam by pouring liquid onto hot stones and circulating the air in the sauna) to be found in Austria. In the wellness and beauty area, professional therapists ensure relaxation at the physical and spiritual levels. Our guests’ physical well-being is catered for by the Asia Spa Bistro, where our menu is predominantly aimed at guests who have come to enjoy the pool area’s leisure facilities, and the Sauna Bar, which offers healthy snacks and drinks for guests seeking rest and relaxation.
Having the courage to sustain the Asian motto throughout the establishment in a predominantly industrial area, combined with the high-quality range of facilities in the indoor and outdoor pool areas, the sauna area, the spa and beauty treatments and catering, as well as the three-pillar concept underlying it all (fun and family; relaxation and fitness; rest and sauna), were decisive factors for the international jury in awarding the Asia Spa Leoben with the best public baths distinction.

The prestigious status of the award is reflected in the other nominations in the category. The Asia Spa Leoben was able to relegate the aquabasilea in Basel, which had already won the award three times in previous years, and the Tauern Spa in Zell am See-Kaprun to second and third places.

Award of the “SaunaPremium” Quality Mark

The Asia Spa Leoben is the first Austrian company to be awarded the “SaunaPremium” quality mark.

On 7th April 2014 the Asia Spa Leoben was awarded the “SaunaPremium” quality mark by the Deutscher Sauna-Bund e. V. As a result, the Asia Spa Leoben has the only sauna facility anywhere in Austria to be awarded five stars.
This quality system for saunas was established by the Deutscher Sauna-Bund e. V. in order to ensure greater safety for sauna-goers and to make it easier to choose the right establishment. The system, which is comparable to the star classification in the hotel industry, comprises three quality categories: classic, selection and premium. In order to be awarded the “SaunaPremium” classification, a sauna facility must offer a comprehensive range of pools, spa services and a range of experiences, enabling guests to spend a full day on the premises. At the Asia Spa Leoben five sweat rooms at different temperatures and with different climactic conditions are available to guests in the indoor area, as well as two outdoor saunas. The high-quality range on offer in the sauna area, combined with the comprehensive spa treatment menu and the extensive pool area were decisive in the awarding the quality mark.

“We are delighted to be the first Austrian company to be awarded the top quality mark “SaunaPremium”. The certification is an affirmation of our quality management, and also makes it much easier for sauna-goers to compare our range of services with that of other saunas,” explains Oliver Oswald, Operations Manager of the Asia Spa Leoben.

The Asia Spa Leoben first opened its doors to young and old in the spring of 2008. The inspiration for building this unique wellness and relaxation resort derived from the many years of being twinned with the Chinese city of Xuzhou. Following two years spent on planning and construction, a spa was created in Leoben’s Au region, drawing on a knowledge of Chinese traditions and architecture, the principles of Feng Shui and collaboration with Chinese experts. What gives the architecture its special charm is the deliberate fusion of Chinese and European elements. The Asia Spa Leoben comprises diverse pool and sauna areas. Whilst the range of facilities on offer in the pool area is mainly aimed at sports enthusiasts and families, the sauna area, with one of the most creative Aufguss programmes in Austria (German for infusion, Finnish löyly, a ritual involving creating steam by pouring liquid onto hot stones and circulating the air in the sauna), provides a pleasant atmosphere in which to relax and enjoy a sensation of well-being. The sauna masters pamper their guests with up to 16 different Aufguss sessions a day, and with special events, such as themed sauna nights and the sauna of your choice, they ensure no wish is left unfulfilled.