Bad im Lotusbl├╝tenbecken

Women sauna

Female sauna lovers rejoice: Every Monday the Asia Spa Leoben offers all females a special delight: At the start of each week the finnish indoor sauna opens exclusively for them.


Infusions with ice-scoops

Between 11:00 and 16:00 o'clock ice-scoops are prepared for the infusion at every full hour. The scented scoops are placed on the hot stones of the sauna oven and melt slowly. The rising steam spreads throughout the sauna on its own - there is no fanning during ice-scoops infusions. The slow change of the climate within the sauna and the unfolding of the scent are better experienced in a quiet environment during the women sauna.

Soothing aromas

At 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00 o'clock our experienced sauna masters treat the ladies to some guided infusions. For the Asia Dream infusion asiatic flowers are mixed together with minted and spicy scents for an incredible sauna experience. The infusions for gentle skincare are especially loved by our female guests: Peelings or cremes are spread on preheated skin. In the hot sauna the care products show their full effect - the skin becomes soft and smells sweet. 


Celebrate with friends

Our tip for a sparkling refreshment after the sauna: Every Monday women get the glas of sparkling wine for € 1,00 only at the bar in our sauna area. Exactly the right thing to start of the new week ladylike!