Swimming – healthy fun for everyone!

Swimming is considered one of the most healthy sports and appeals to people of all ages. It provides a workout for the whole body, relieves strain on the joints and increases the oxygen supply. What is more, the circulatory system is activated and muscles provided with an optimum flow of blood. The water pressure boosts the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body. The regular gliding motions increase the sensation of floating almost weightlessly in the water. The body relaxes and stress is reduced. Swimming is therefore beneficial for both body and mind.


Asia Spa Leoben’s indoor sports pool

Water depth: 1.4–1.8 m

Water temperature: approx. 27°C

The indoor sports pool boasts five lanes, and at a length of 25-metres is just right for ambitious swimmers.




Early-bird swimming

Exercising first thing in the morning lifts the spirits and stimulates the elimination of toxins from the body. In particular, regular morning exercise ensures a clear head and a good start to the day. The indoor sports pool is available exclusively for early-bird swimming between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Tuesday to Friday for prepaid smartcard holders (entry fee € 5.00), the Asia Spa Leoben club members and hotel guests.

Swim tips

Read our tips on swimming for maximum benefit from your swimming sessions at the Asia Spa Leoben.

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