The correct way to take a sauna

“A relaxed person is a healthy person” (Chinese proverb)


Tips to enhance your sauna experience at a glance

  • Two or three sauna sessions lasting 8–15 minutes each
  • Take breaks of at least 15 minutes between sauna sessions
  • Never enter the sauna with a full stomach
  • After your sauna session spend 2–3 minutes walking up and down to get your circulation going
  • Take a cold shower after every sauna session
  • During your breaks make sure you have plenty to drink (water, mineral drinks)
  • After your last sauna session shower in lukewarm water and apply a skin-care cream


Relaxing sauna sessions at the Asia Spa Leoben

Enjoying a sauna

Allow plenty of time for your relaxing visit to the sauna and plan for it to take at least two hours. In order to really feel the positive effects of taking a sauna, we recommend a weekly visit to the sauna.

Before taking a sauna

You should avoid eating a large meal before visiting the sauna, but you should also never take a sauna on an empty stomach. You should bring two or three sauna or bath towels with you – one to lie on in the sauna, and the others to dry yourself after showering. Before entering the sauna you should take a shower to remove any cosmetics or grease from the skin. Drying off thoroughly afterwards encourages the skin to sweat and the pores to open more quickly.

In the sauna

Your personal sauna plan should include two to three sauna sessions, each lasting 8–15 minutes. Short intensive sessions of warming up in the sauna are recommended. During these it is best to rest in a recumbent position on the middle or upper bench, as this best reduces the load on the circulation. A few minutes before leaving the sauna you should sit up briefly so that your circulation can stabilise.


Between sauna sessions you should take breaks, each lasting 15 minutes. Ideally you should spend two to three minutes walking up and down to get your circulation going. It is particularly important to ensure you drink enough liquids. In order to maintain the body’s fluid balance you should replace the fluids you have lost during the sauna session by drinking mineral water, light herbal teas or fruit juices diluted with sparkling water between the individual Aufguss sessions. We will be happy to advise you in our Sauna Bar!

After taking a sauna

After taking a sauna you should first head outdoors in order to stock up on oxygen. There you can cool off with a cold shower or in the plunge pool. If you choose to use the latter, you must shower first. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should avoid cooling down too rapidly, as the sudden constriction of the arteries can cause an increase in blood pressure.


Done properly, taking a sauna should not stress the body unduly. However, resting after a sauna is an essential part of a relaxing visit to the sauna. Simply listen to what your body is telling you and give it the rest it needs. During the resting stage you should, however, ensure that your feet do not get cold, and you should consciously allow your body to relax.