Water world

In addition to the wide range of saunas, the Asia Spa Leoben’s sauna area also includes a generous range of pools to ensure total relaxation. Please note that it is entirely a matter of choice whether you prefer to swim naked or wear a bathing costume in the brine bath and lotus-blossom pool.


The pool area at a glance

Lotus-blossom pool

Water depth: 1.35 m

Water temperature: approx. 32 °C

In the lotus-blossom pool maximum rest and relaxation is ensured by bubble loungers and chairs, which are turned on at varying intervals. They relax the musculoskeletal system, thereby allowing the whole body to unwind and relieving the mind of the stress of daily life.

Brine bath

Water depth: 1.35 m

Water temperature: approx. 34 °C

If you want more of a “seaside” experience, then take a dip in our brine bath, which is enriched with natural bath salts. The salt assists the cleansing of the skin and strengthens the upper layers of the dermis. At the same time, the salt water stimulates the circulation and relaxes the joints.

Relaxation pool

Water depth: 1.35 m

Water temperature: approx. 32 °C

The relaxation pool with its pleasant temperature and bubble loungers enables guests to the sauna area to relax and soak up the Asian-style atmosphere. With the golden gong as the centre piece of this rest area, the unique architecture lends it a particular flair and invites you to linger a while.

Plunge and Kneipp pools in the indoor sauna area

Plunge pool water depth: 1.35 m

Plunge pool water temperature: approx. 13 °C

In the indoor sauna area you will find both a plunge and a Kneipp pool. Regular sauna-goers optimise the effectiveness of their sauna session by cooling off afterwards in the plunge pool. The Kneipp pool provides an additional means of stimulating the circulation.

Cooling pool in the sauna area courtyard

Water depth: 1.35 m

Water temperature: approx. 18 °C

The cooling pool is located in the sauna area courtyard. The very special feeling you can enjoy after a sauna of being “relaxed, full of vitality and as if reborn” is only achieved through the proper use of the cooling pool’s cold water after your sauna session. Those who baulk at this, or merely take a lukewarm shower, miss out on a large part of the sauna’s effect!

Foot baths at Asia Spa Leoben

Foot baths

Water depth: no more than ankle-deep

Water temperature: approx. 40 °C

After the sauna the body is first cooled underneath a shower, in the open air or with a refreshing jump into the cooling pool. Through the cold the blood vessels and pores of the skin constringe. A warm foot bath after the cold shock facilitates the fast return of warmth from the body's core.